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Aspen 2 pre-mixed-2-stroke-fuel

Aspen 2 pre-mixed-2-stroke-fuel


Aspen 2 is a pre-mixed 2-stroke alkylate petrol which avoids ‘mixing mess’ and gives the user the  reassurance of knowing that the mix is exactly 50:1 every time. It contains 2% fully synthetic biodegradable 2-stroke oil and is suitable for machines such as chainsaws, strimmers, hedgetrimmers and other air cooled 2-stroke engines.

  • Pre-mixed so no ‘mixing mess’ and no possibility of mixing at the wrong ratio.
  • 3 – 5 year shelf life so no more ‘stale’ fuel problems and wasting old fuel.
  • Significantly less harmful ingredients than ordinary petrol which results in fewer harmful emissions making Aspen 2 better for the user and better for the environment.
  • Cleaner running so fewer deposits build up inside the engine.
  • You can purchase Aspen 2 Stroke in our store

Here are our 4 REASONS for giving ASPEN 2-Stroke 

1. HEALTH REASONS – Aspen produces 99% lower air emissions than ordinary petrol making it safer for the user. The exhaust fumes are cleaner and health risks are dramatically reduced. You can now use a two-stroke machine indoors in the knowledge that there is a massive reduction in harmful fumes. Our customers often comment on how much better they feel after using machines run on Aspen compared to machines run on ordinary petrol.

2. THE ENVIRONMENT – Compared to regular petrol Aspen alkylate petrol gives out a substantially reduced amount of substances which lowers the formation of ground level ozone which is harmful to humans, animals and plants.

3. SHELF LIFE – Aspen alkylate petrol has a lifespan of approximately 10 times that of regular petrol. Regular Petrol dies after 3-5 months of storage whereas Aspen last up to 5 years.  This means that you can put your machines away for the winter without having to drain the tank and knowing that they will start without a problem come spring. My own lawnmower started up on the first pull for me this year all because of the Aspen Petrol.

4. THE ENGINE – A cleaner fuel means; Engines last longer. Carburettors don’t gum up. No dirt or water in the fuel. Machines start easier. Less risk of seized engines.


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Product Description

Please NOTE that upon purchase of any Aspen 5Ltr product, there is a €15 charge for shipping.

If you have regular petrol left in the tank you can fill it up with Aspen petrol, they can be mixed.

The Cost: Aspen Petrol is a little more expensive but it is worth it in the long run. The  process to produce Aspen is a much more advanced and expensive process which only a few refineries in the world can produce it. So the availability of alkylate petrol is limited.

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